Get More ROI From Your Kitchen Renovations

Tuesday Sep 25th, 2018


The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms of the house to renovate. Whether you’re thinking of updating the room or completely renovating it, have your budget in place. In addition to outlining the five most popular kitchen trends, use the tips to help your room appear more spacious and things to consider before you remodel.    [read more]

Why It Makes Sense To Hire A Pro

Tuesday Sep 11th, 2018


Hire a pro or do the work yourself? This is the questions many homeowners ask before beginning a home improvement project. However, while you may be able to tackle the job yourself, there are many good reasons to have a pro do it instead. Here are three reasons to hire a contractor. It also outlines five questions to help you      decide.      [read more]

Good Financial Habits to Keep You Debt-Free

Thursday Sep 6th, 2018


  Reducing debt is the first step to achieving financial freedom. Here is an outline to help you apply several good habits to cultivate while you’re motivated to pay off debt, including creating a budget and tackling one debt at a time.   [read more]

Stay Organized And Clutter Free

Tuesday Aug 28th, 2018


Once you’ve cleared the clutter and organized your home, make sure it stays that way. Here is an outline with several strategies to help you keep your home in tip-top streamlined condition, even when life gets hectic.       [read more]

Planning To Sell? Think Like A Buyer

Tuesday Jul 24th, 2018


Most homebuyers either walk through or drive by a home they see listed online. The home’s street-view appearance is a potential buyer’s first in-person impression of the home—great curb appeal ensures this impression will be positive. Here are some  ideas to help outline several ways for sellers to put themselves in their buyers’ shoes when boosting the curb appeal of their home.       [read more]

Boost Your Credit Score Regardless Of Your Age

Tuesday Jun 26th, 2018


  People are more conscious of their credit scores than ever before. Although more consumers are earning higher credit scores, younger consumers seem to be left in the cold. This information delves into why younger consumers have lower credit and offers tips to help them improve their scores.     People are more conscious of their credit scores than ever before. Although more consumers are earning higher credit scores, younger consumers seem to be left in the... [read more]

HOME BUYING -Understanding the process Step #1

Monday Nov 27th, 2017


So, you decided you want to buy a home or Condo. Fabulous and congrats for that realization. Now, Let's chat .. Can you afford it? What will it take for YOU to buy a place of your own. The answer and process could vary depending on these 3 situations. Do you already have en exsisting home, and are you looking to upsize? Or downsize?  Are you are a first time home buyer?.. STEP 1- Let's start with the truth, the" wish list' for your dream home, is... [read more]


Wednesday Nov 15th, 2017


When speaking or hearing about mortgage terms, it can be a little overwhelming. Here is some helpful information to help you get familiarized with terms and new rules as of Jan. 1 2018. Remember to always speak with a professional before you get started. Doing so will help you get organized and guide you with your next steps! We are here to help! Call us today   Insured Mortgage/High-Ratio Mortgage = mortgage insurance is mandatory with less than 20% down... [read more]